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Q:I'd like to send the baggage beforehand, but is it possible?
A:When sending because A: our Facilities isn't staff stationing, I'm requesting correspondence of 15:00 of the stay day-whole residence to the check-out front by myself, sir.
Q:Is it to receive from the reservation form, and reservation completion?
A:After an application, I receive auto-reply Email Address more than the A: reservation form. You registered Email Address for preliminary pay by card within 48 hours apart from auto-reply Email Address, I'll send for Email Address. It'll be application completion in the time which has finished paying. Please be sure to go from the following to the cancellation when applying more than the form.
Confirmation of reservation and cancellation
Q:From when does cancellation penalty occur?
A:It sometimes changes with each A: stay plan. Please see astayplanfor more information. When an airplane by a natural disaster and a ship for a typhoon are cancelled, the cancellation charge won't occur.
Q:Can't I sometimes make a reservation?
A:A: Yes. I have that. It'll be the street written clearly in the following.
* When person's use of facilities besides the reserved number of people is scheduled.
* In case of a group only of a man in twenties.
* When only minority's use is scheduled.
* When I judged that your reservation was difficult.
Q:About payment option.
A:A: payment is preliminary pay by card basically. I'll send Email Address for pay by card within 48 hours after I receive an application of a stay. Please inquire request about payment and consultation.
Q:Is there parking lot?
A:There is preparation for 2 (no charge).
Q:Is Facilities no smoking?
A:It's no smoking in the A: Facilities. When smoking, at a balcony, please.
Q:Can the internet be used?
A:You can use light circuit. Wifi connection
Q:Offer method when being a plan with breakfast?
A:I'll deliver it to facilities by A: every morning 7:30. It isn't necessary to get up and be waiting. It can't be possible to deliver it earlier than 7:30.
Q:convenience store
A:There is Familymart in the location of 8 minutes by A: car. There is nearest supermarket in the location of 3 minutes by car.
Q:Is there hospital?
A:It's a car more than A: facilities, 20 minutes. A hospital with emergency is about 35 minutes by car.
Okinawa medical hospital


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