• Kafuwa Nanjyo

The luxurious space which can be enjoyed

2 double beds are attached, so even 4 family are available. The sky a family also has a room with wonderful tatami, and where the daytime is blue from a skylight in a Japanese-style room. It's possible to look at a perfect starry sky in the evening.

Check-in check-out: Check-in :15:00~20:00/ check-out :11:00
※ It isn't resident in facilities. A staff will wait at time you designate. The occasion with the change is trouble, but please make a contact.
Stay quota: The 2 at most 4 adults and children of lying by the side/2 cases 4 adults are using will be futon use in a Japanese-style room. It'll be one with a futon more than elementary students.
占Occupation area and the guest room area: A lot area: 237.13 square meters/guest room area: 58.23 square meters/1 Western-style room/bed size 140x 200 cmx 2/1 Japanese-style room (Ryukyu BIGU tatami-floored)
Room equipment: Air-conditioning /Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker/hair dryer/bath towel/face towel/washing machine/gas dryer of clothes/television/
Amenity: Toothbrush /MARKS&WEB shampoo conditioner body soap/body sponge/cotton swab/ ※ Please bring shaving and a room wear.
Infant goods: A baggy/a diaper BOX/ baby bottle wash sponge/a cleanser for infants who can wash the BOX/ whole body for baby bottle boiling/a baby chair/1 for each
Free of charge: Mineral water/tea pack/coffee (the portion type) and wifi
Pet stay: It's acceptable by the premise that basic training is done. manners and a rule.Please see
Please bring all gage and something necessary. /Please refrain from entering of a shower room bed, bedclothes and a pet to a Japanese-style room. Additionally please see a FAQ page about the matter to which you pay attention. Free goods: Chubbiness, bucket mat towel garden footbath place for* fab Leeds sprayer mats (hot water, available), outdoor trash can and plastic bag
Kitchen goods: Bowl, soup cup dish, glass coffee cup chopsticks, spoon fork cutting board, kitchen knife, plastic wrap aluminum foil pot of ball kitchen scissors, frying pan spatula, ladle, rice cooker for leather* and kitchen paper electric cooking plate microwave oven.. toaster oven refrigerator coffee mechanical (Nescafe Dolce) electric kettle
Room charge: 時期やプランによって宿泊料金が異なる場合がございます。詳しくは宿泊プランをご参照ください。


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